Lens Cleaner

Our Story: Our lens cleaner, unlike much of our cheap competition in the ad specialty world, is streak free.  
It can be used on your expensive sunglasses, screens, everything.  Like the Grandpa in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, we think our lens cleaner is good for EVERYTHING.
Spray some lens cleaner on it!
If you want to see clearly, and not spread grime all around… our lens cleaner shines about the competition.

                                                                                                                     -Kim Canavan, CEO/President


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Item # 510
1oz Lens/Glass Cleaner
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Item # 520
2 oz Lens Cleaner
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Item # 5000-50D
Bulk Lens Cleaner
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Item # 5000-Pen
10ml Lens Cleaner Pen Sprayer
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