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Item# 510

1oz Lens/Glass Cleaner

Fun Fact #1

Safe for computer monitors and eye wear.
Safe for computer monitors and eye wear.

Fun Fact #2

Contains no alcohol
Contains no alcohol

Fun Fact #3

Will not streak
Will not streak

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Manufacturer/Origin: USA


Great idea for any and every client.  This lens/screen cleaner is a highly formulated masterpiece. Will not streak. Crystal clear. Proudly Made in the USA with USA ingredients.  No comparison to the same China sourced product.  


Water, Denatured Ethyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Wetting Agent, Colorant (Bright Blue)



Packaging Details

# Qty per Box Box Weight Box Length Box Width Box Height
1 162 0.00 lbs. 10.00" 10.00" 10.00"

For exact packaging details, please run a shipping quote. Dimensions are in inches. Weight is in pounds.

Imprint Size

1.75" x 1.125"


Bottles available in:
  • 1 oz Clear Bullet
Spray Pumps available in:
  • 1 oz White Spray Pump


Bulk. Please refer to the Packaging Details table located on this page.

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