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1oz Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer 100% all natural with organic lavender oil

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Manufacturer/Origin: USA


1oz Sanitizing bottle Lavender Scent

Medical Grade Hospital hand sanitizer killing 99.9% of germs. MADE IN THE USA.    

Our Sanitizer is the best that you will find on the marketing using 62% corn derived ethyl alcohol making it a medical grade hand sanitizer, killing any germs lingering on your hands.  Did you know that to make the claim "Kills 99.9% of germs" you must have 62% ethyl alcohol by volume!  This ends up being 5% more alcohol then by weight.  Don't be fooled into thinking that all hand sanitizer is medical grade.  Ours is and it is 100% USA Made!!   


Active Ingredients:
Corn Derived Ethyl Alcohol 62%  

Inactive Ingredients:
Deionized Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Lavender Essential Oil


  • When soap and water are not available the CDC recommends using alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  • Side by Side: a product from the USA and the same product from China may have the same ingredient deck, but what’s inside is very different. Visit Our Story /Sanitizer for more information.
  • Hand sanitizers might not remove harmful chemicals, like pesticides and heavy metals from hands.
  • Hand sanitizers may not be as effective when hands are visibly dirty or greasy.


Packaging Details

# Qty per Box Box Weight Box Length Box Width Box Height
1 400 37.00 lbs. 12.00" 12.00" 12.00"
2 250 21.00 lbs. 12.00" 12.00" 12.00"
3 200 19.00 lbs. 10.00" 10.00" 10.00"
4 100 8.00 lbs. 8.00" 8.00" 8.00"

For exact packaging details, please run a shipping quote. Dimensions are in inches. Weight is in pounds.

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1.5" x 3.5"


Bullets / Cosmo available in:
  • 1 oz Clear Bullet


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