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Item# 5000-Pen

10ml Lens Cleaner Pen Sprayer

Fun Fact #1

Safe for computer monitors and eye wear.
Safe for computer monitors and eye wear.

Fun Fact #2

Contains no alcohol
Contains no alcohol

Fun Fact #3

Will not streak
Will not streak

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Manufacturer/Origin: USA


Great idea for any and every client.  This lens/screen cleaner is a highly formulated masterpiece. Will not streak. Crystal clear. Proudly Made in the USA with USA ingredients.  No comparison to the same China sourced product.  Visit our web-site for a side by side comparison.


Water, Denatured Ethyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Wetting Agent, Colorant (Bright Blue)



Packaging Details

# Qty per Box Box Weight Box Length Box Width Box Height
1 500 25.00 lbs. 12.00" 12.00" 12.00"
2 250 13.00 lbs. 12.00" 12.00" 6.00"
3 100 7.00 lbs. 9.00" 6.00" 6.00"

For exact packaging details, please run a shipping quote. Dimensions are in inches. Weight is in pounds.

Imprint Size

0.9" x 3.125"


Pen Sprayer Cap Colors available in:
  • Black Cap
  • Blue Cap
  • Green Cap
  • Natural Cap
  • Orange Cap
  • Pink Cap
  • Purple Cap
  • Red Cap


Bulk. Please refer to the Packaging Details table located on this page.

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