Safer Ingredients – Truth – Transparency – Awareness – Trust

We pride ourselves on integrity in our relationships. We believe in our products. We believe that all products should be safe for families and homes.

We believe in making it easy for you to Understand what you're getting.

Safer Ingredients: Some 20 to 35 years ago, manufacturers were formulating and adding the latest, greatest chemicals to their products. Most manufacturers still use those old formulas. We have not only reformulated our products with safer and better ingredients, we've gone even further and developed an entire line of 100% all-natural products. For our products that still contain synthetic chemicals, we have taken a fresh look at the amounts we use and why we use them. Safety, efficacy, and transparency are our primary goals.

Truth: Each product that you search on our website has a section called TRUTHS. This will give you little tidbits of knowledge: the good, the bad, and the ugly about each product, as well as similar competitor's products. We believe it should be easy for every consumer to make informed decisions about what they are buying.

Transparency: Truth in Transparency. The truth is that there are a lot of chemicals in personal care and other everyday products that just shouldn't be there. The FDA does not actively or proactively regulate these chemicals, nor do they require companies to list chemicals in their products as "known toxins" or "carcinogens". What most Americans don't understand is that it really is "buyer beware". Many countries in Europe and elsewhere regulate on a much more proactive platform. With this in mind, transparency is the key to making a good decision. All of our products list each ingredient. We also created an Ingredient Guide located on our Home Page where you can find detailed information about each ingredient. Additionally, we provide the EWG's research and testing results for each ingredient. With limited federal policy, The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non-profit group, created a searchable database (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep) of toxic ingredients in cosmetic and personal care products. We include this "toxicity rating" next to each ingredient in the Ingredient Guide.

Awareness: The USA is one of the few developed countries with a regulatory agency that relies on voluntary measures. Companies can not only decide what is in their products, but when testing is required by the FDA, the agency relies on studies performed by the companies seeking approval for their chemicals. The USA actively uses hundreds of chemicals in personal care products, foods and other products that are banned in Europe.

Awareness about the FDA's role in consumer products: Most people believe that products for sale are “FDA Approved” or if a product passes customs it has been “FDA Approved." This is NOT TRUE. Products that hit the shelves are NOT TESTED nor are they REVIEWED by the FDA prior to sale. Many products sold by well-known retailers come from China and have to be recalled only after they are discovered to be toxic. The only category that can claim FDA Approval is Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices. In the personal care product industry, only sunscreen is required to be "FDA Tested". Other products are essentially "buyer beware," a frightening thought since we apply these products to our faces and bodies.

Changes in our "chemical culture" are happening from the grass roots. On June 3, 2015 the California-based healthcare company Kaiser Permanente announced that all its new furniture purchases — worth $30 million annually — would be free of chemical flame retardants. The same day, Panera Bread announced that the food served in its 1,800 bakery-cafés would be free of artificial additives by the end of 2016. Any number of large manufacturing companies and retailers — Nike, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Apple — have adopted policies barring chemicals from their products. Many of the chemicals they banned U.S. federal law does not restrict.

Trust: In summary, many people “trust” that the system is working to insure that the products they buy are safe. However, this is NOT the way our system in the USA is set up. Here, trust has to be earned with solid, visible commitments to higher standards. We, at TMarketing Products, believe in higher standards, and we think you should know...

We do this because we are part of this movement, a movement of awareness, spreading the knowledge... pushing for quality, safe, and non-toxic products. When it's all put out there for you, it's easy to understand.