You Deserve to Know and Understand the Truth…

Most consumers think that every product on the shelves is tested and approved by the FDA.

But, the sad truth is that they are NOT. And, as a result, consumers are unknowingly being exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Our government entities have not done anything to educate or make people aware that purchasing these products is really a “buyer beware” scenario. They do not tell you that most of your beliefs about the “safety” of products on the shelves comes from corporate advertising, instead of the actual TRUTH.

Do You Know The Whole Story?

When a company does get in trouble, for example, how Dannon Yogurt did with false advertising, only a small handful of people may find out about it. There is no system for educating and alerting consumers, except for maybe a short blurb on the news, if even that.

The Justice Department made a few million dollars and Dannon Yogurt made many more millions of dollars off its false advertising. With the damage done, most people still believe and remember the false advertising. Yet, Dannon reaps the rewards and there is no system set up to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

In July of 2016, Dupont lost another major lawsuit when the jury found that their non-stick cookware, which has been sold for over 50 years, is toxic and causes cancer... and the company new about it. They now have 10 years to phase out their toxic cookware while millions of households will continue to use it, unaware of its deleterious health effects.


Sadly, the average person is not aware that any of this goes on and that the products they use could potentially be harmful. The general public thinks that the FDA or some other regulatory agency is testing the products and protecting our health.

The TRUTH is that it’s up to each and every one of us to be aware and thoughtful about our buying decisions, our health and the environment, but that is not an easy proposition.

So, to help you with this cause, we created this website, and in the spirit of truth, we are fully transparent with our products. You can rest assured that your health and the health of humanity is our primary concern.

Here is how we promote transparency:

  • We clearly list the origin of the products (USA, China, Europe, etc).

  • We list the ingredients and we add the EWG ingredient rating for toxicity.

  • We list the TRUTHs - This is our understanding of the state of the industry. Because we are experts in this business, we hear a lot of news that we need to pass on. When the information is FACT, we will list it as a FACT. When it is industry “insider information” – what we hear through the industry, yet we do not have any supporting documentation—we will list it as such. This information defines the pulse of this industry so we believe it is our duty to pass these truths along to you.