Our Story

It all started with smelly, sticky hand sanitizer. (How does the industry sell this crap? They heavily fragrance it with citrus to mask the odor of their subpar ingredients.) Then strings and other foreign objects floating in with the bubbles. Mold in the sanitizer canisters. The bank tape measure below.

Today, it seems that many of the major companies offer the same things: decorated Chinese products. They are not specialists in manufacturing; they don’t know blending, ingredients, or product safety. They are decorators, and they mainly decorate cheap, inferior products imported from China.

China is the new Wild West, with incredibly loose regulations and industry practices that constantly have expensive recalls and safety concerns. Even more troubling: that’s just for the products that we find out about. From my experience in being in this industry and manufacturing, when I see "Made in China" and it’s something I am going to put on my skin or lips, I put it back. In our industry, people don’t seem to know—or, if they know, they put themselves at risk simply because of a lower price.

Our mission: to swing the pendulum back to quality. Back to companies who care about their industry, their clients, and their products. Back to small niches who specialize, and those who have honor, integrity, and genuinely care about the industry and the trust of their clients.

What are you building trust on?

The Bank Tape Measure

We bought a new house and our mortgage company gave us some housewarming gifts, with their logo on them of course. What a lovely gesture! However, only 2 days after using the tape measure, I hear my husband kvetching and loud metal being crumpled up. I hear loud steps to the trash can, and KAPLUNK!!! The tape measure—with their logo prominently displayed—winds up in the trash.

I remember thinking, “maybe there aren't any options for quality in our industry anymore”. I don't know what our bank’s options were as far as manufacturer choices, or if they or their distributor knew about the difference in quality. However, I DO know that the negative experience associated with their stupid tchotchke has stayed with us all this time. After that, when something even slightly irritating would happen in our dealings with the bank, we would think back to their poor-quality, worthless gift. It reflected so poorly on them, it would have been better for them to have given us nothing at all.

My team and I are hoping to change the industry so nobody else has that experience again. We want people to want to use our products. We want to offer them only the best, and we are PROUD of what we think are the best personal care products on the planet.

I've heard a scary statistic that up to 90% of tchotchke giveaways go right into the garbage can! Remember the days when we would take all of the hotel in-room shampoos, conditioners and soaps home? We want those days back!

No more wasting money on things that go straight to the trash.