Insect Repellent Fun Facts

Entomologists have compiled 10 years of research and testing to provide the following published results: Geraniol at a 5% concentration is more effective (fewer bites) than DEET at a 10% concentration for mosquitoes. Furthermore, Geraniol at a 10% concentration is more effective (fewer bites) than DEET at a 10%
Although no definite “through the skin” toxicity has been proven for DEET products, in 1989 the U.S. ARMY dropped the allowable percentage of DEET used in products for the military from 75% to less than 35%.
DEET is absorbed readily through the skin into the blood stream. It accelerates the rate at which other materials soluble in DEET may enter the body. This combined exposure could be more dangerous than DEET alone. It is highly recommended by pharmacists that you should not use a product containing DEET if you are taking any medications. Even over the counter (OTC) antihistamines could interact with DEET to cause possible toxic side effects. FUN FACT: DEET has recently been associated with dermal and neurological reactions in humans.
Opposed to most other insect repellents, Swamp Juice is effective at repelling a much wider range of insects than just mosquitoes, including ticks!
Swamp Juice is effective up to at least 60 minutes on the skin, but its effectiveness can be measured by days when applied to clothing.
Unlike DEET products, Swamp Juice will not damage plastics or plastic coated items.